Built an on-line Soft Skills Academy working with JVSP

RGA is a Spanish Insurance Company with more than one million clients. They work mainly for the rural industry.

A new Human Resources manager arrived to the company from Microsoft and she wanted to do things differently.

RGA began the search for a digital learning solution that would enable the company to deliver a soft skills learning program to their 197 employees. The value proposition was using a different approach with these objectives:

  • Engage the user during the length of the program promoting participation.
  • Get the people to share their thoughts about the different themes of the program.

They used the first version of our learning tool JVSP which:

  • Is simple and easy to use, but at the same time very attractive for the user.
  • Promotes conversation between students and mentors
  • Is gamified.

The modules were:

  • Customer orientation.
  • Results orientation.
  • Time management.
  • Initiative.
  • Team work.

The program was designed with a Micro-learning focus (small learning units and short-term learning activities). Every learning module consists of about 20 learning objects:

  • Videos mainly from experts or business situations.
  • Readings and cases.
  • Podcasts.
  • Interactive objects.

The program was meant for a senior consultant with a dedication of 4 hours per week.

It is very important to outline that the employees from this organization did not have a lot of experience using digital learning tools or programs.

The results

The learning journey took about six months. Every week the mentor would publish new learning objects and would send an alert every Monday explaining what he was expecting from the students.

The numbers were:

  • The 95% of the users, 188, not only completed the learning objects but participated in the conversation.
  • There were more than 16,000 posts from the users in conversations in different learning objects.
  • The users published posts with more than 65,000 likes.
  • The users unblocked about 4,000 achievements that were programmed in the tool.