Collaborated with JVSP to build an intriguing educational curriculum

With more than 40 years of experience, Fundación MAPFRE are recognized as a leading global foundation for their commitment to people’s well-being and social progress. The mission, as a non-profit institution of MAPFRE, is to contribute to improving people’s quality of life and the progress of society through multinational programs and activities.

The five areas in which their activities are based are: Social Action, Culture, Health Promotion, Prevention and Road Safety and Insurance and Social Security.

Using JVSP

Fundación MAPFRE owns a lot of knowledge about their working areas. They have developed many Learning Workshops and Seminars for kids around the world.

They are searching for a solution to be able to cluster the different training objects that they have been developing for years now and at the same time integrate new objects in a different, fun and attractive way for the future students.

For that purpose they have define four training journeys/itineraries:

  • Prevention and Road Safety for young people.
  • Vive Seguro (basic knowledge on risks and insurance)
  • Controlatic
  • Health habits

JVSP has overcome the company’s rigorous security and design standards and it has implemented them with the goal of training more than 200.000 children and young people around the world in these itineraries.