Beats Participation®

In our experience, conventional online learning programs achieve only a bare minimum “login and click” participation because they fail to inspire genuine conversation.


Our diverse range of clients are using JVSP to get over a 90% active participation (*) rate in their onboarding processes, compliance trainings, leadership and sales academies, and educational curriculums.
(*) For us, active participation means real conversations with their colleagues.

Time Saving

As professionals who want to engage your students with a unified learning program, we got tired of wasting our time with outdated and limited platforms that required outside technical assistance. Now you can focus on what your goals are, instead of spending countless hours on how you plan to reach them. Simply curate your content, publish it, and select your users and your seamless learning program is ready to go.

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Improve Knowledge Retention

Traditional learning programs fail to motivate students to learn more than what is required of them, limiting learning to simple compliance. JVSP is designed to promote conversation between workmates and encourages exploration. As Jay Cross explains, “conversation is the most powerful learning technology ever invented.”

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Higher Satisfaction

You have to introduce an eye-catching and innovative learning program that stands out amongst the rest. A system that is easy to use at every level, be it the student, instructor, or administrator, with an intuitive design that students feel comfortable using. Our tool is fast, stable, and completely mobile

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True learning organizations are a space for generative conversations and concerted action which create a field of alignment that produces tremendous power to invent new realities in conversation and to bring about these new realities in action.


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