JVSP has crafted an attractive and easily operated tool for blended learning programs.

A list of our current partners is shown below. Our tool facilitates the implementation of blended learning programs for talent and technological consultants, in effect adding value to their end customers.

At the same time, we work with developers who can merge JVSP with tools our client companies may already have in place.


VASS is an IT consulting firm founded in 1999 with a high specialization in new technologies and a high complexity products and services integrator. With a clear commitment to international expansion, VASS has a presence in several countries in Europe and North and South America.

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Moebius is customer’s partner for transformation processes, facilitating personal and organisational change, they work in three main areas: commercial, leadership and customer experience.

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Company specialized in Business Consultancy, Human Capital Strategy and Digital Change Management.

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We are a software lab with an open source spirit. We help you turn your ideas into beautiful products.

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