Features for you to design your learning programs in an innovative way.

Gorgeous presentation

User-friendly interface with the minimal configuration necessary.

  • Create attractive learning programs with no design experience needed.
  • Select objects and images so that you can personalize your program.
  • Publish podcasts, videos, interactive objects, documents, infographics, quizzes, surveys, and much more.
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Ready for conversation

Conversation encourages learning.

In the majority of learning programs, the user is directed to other pages when they want to comment on any of the material. At JVSP the conversation is linked to the training object. Each student can add their questions to the object, invite others to participate in the conversation, and include discussion topics. This feature sparks more conversation, builds an enhanced learning experience, and reinforces the student community.

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Gamification in Learning

Engage your users in the learning process.

Gamification can boost participation, engagement, and retention in your learning program. Enabling users to get recognized and rewarded for their involvement.

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Unique features offered for content curation

Create in a snap. Select and publish your content using extensive resources.

Embed videos from YouTube or Vimeo, interactive elements through Genialy, online forms with Typeform, relationship maps using Kumu, beautiful learning scenarios by Branch Track, and engaging presentations with Slideshare or Prezi.

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Missions and Achievements

More than 60 achievements to unblock

The learning system incentivizes consistency and student community interaction by reward. Missions such as Joining the Conversation, Easter Egg Hunt, Fidelity, Interesting Guy, and Party animal, are just some of the examples that you will find in our platform.

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Ideal for Blended learning

Every learning journey has its path JVSP enables you to organize your program with a variety of modules, steps, stages and topics. You can block or unblock these levels, so that your learners maintain a high level of interactivity by staying motivated to improve their skills and knowledge.

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Special functionality for Instructors

Public and private interaction encourages dynamic collaboration

Tutor activity is highlighted by the system with eye-catching icons. The tutor can reward increased participation on the part of the students with extra points. The tutor is also given additional access to behind the scenes student activity reports.

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Easy to use admin side

Intuitively create learning journeys

Inspired by leading SaaS tools, we have created a back end shaped by more than 14 years experience in the Digital Learning field. Our framework is: Campaign, Module, Object, and User. What else do you need?

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Do you want to try JVSP for free?

All JVSP accounts start out as free accounts.
At any time, you can upgrade to a paid plan.

Time Saving

As professionals who want to engage your students with a unified learning program, we got tired of wasting our time with outdated and limited platforms that required outside technical assistance. Now you can focus on what your goals are, instead of spending countless hours on how you plan to reach them. Simply curate your content, publish it, and select your users and your seamless learning program is ready to go.

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Improve Knowledge Retention

Traditional learning programs fail to motivate students to learn more than what is required of them, limiting learning to simple compliance. JVSP is designed to promote conversation between workmates and encourages exploration. As Jay Cross explains, “conversation is the most powerful learning technology ever invented.”

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Higher Satisfaction

You have to introduce an eye-catching and innovative learning program that stands out amongst the rest. A system that is easy to use at every level, be it the student, instructor, or administrator, with an intuitive design that students feel comfortable using. Our tool is fast, stable, and completely mobile

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